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Digital Declutter

   Yesterday I intentionally decluttered my Facebook page. I left more than 50 groups.  It was the most liberating feeling EVER. I honestly felt lighter every time I selected the "Leave Group" button. Some groups served me no purpose at this point in my life, and it was time to leave. Remaining in those groups was only taking up the space I needed for where I am in life.  In my opinion, the best part of decluttering is the room it makes for the new.  Before I started a business, my focus was on other things; now that I am in business, my interests shifted.  I am only interested in what will make me a better businesswoman; I am interested in continuing education courses. I am interested in learning from those who have gone before me. So yes, my tastes have changed; therefore, so did my social media accounts. I hope you caught that nugget and make it applicable to more than just social media groups, hello somebody!!!!!   You may need to leave several groups, unfriend

Welcome to Organizationally Healthy

Welcome to my blog, Organizationally Healthy        My name is LaToya Nicole, and I am a Life, Therapeutic Writing, and Organizational Coach and Therapon, Belief Therapist. I am the CEO of SOLO Coaching & Consulting . My intention for this blog is to take organizing to another level. The organization's process is more than closets and cabinets, but there is much more to it. Soul organization goes overlooked because we do not realize it is a thing.  As an expert in my field, I have identified the direct link between physical and mental clutter.  Decluttering your space leads to more mental clarity. When we fail to process emotions, trapped energy accumulates, creating chaos. Where there is chaos decluttering and organization is the healing agent needed.  I will post here and on my IG page Organizationally Healthy   tips and tools on maintaining organization. Subscribe to get updates about my organizational journey and how to strengthen mental health

I'm Drowning in Emails

Today on my Instagram page, I posted about the overwhelming feeling we get when we open our computers to work due to excessive emails.  I included eight quick tips to help individuals handle clearing some of the clutter for a healthier and more productive day. There was a time in my life I opened my account to find 20k unread messages. I could hardly catch my breath, thinking what in the world was I going to do. Immediately, I became anxious, frustrated, and exhausted simultaneously.   It is possible and proven that clutter clutters the mind.  When we let things as small as emails get out of control, it not only affects us but those in our lives.  Email overload will cause us to miss out on family time because our devices have our attention, and there is an "I have to get this done" attitude. Give me one more second becomes an hour, that hour becomes four, and before we know it, we are asleep.  Disorganization of any sort has a ripple effect. Once it has impacted one area of