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The Minimalist Approach to Clutter

  What time of the year is it? We are approaching two significant events this month. Some of us will sit with family and eat until we pop, while others will be waiting to shop for things that are usually on sale throughout the year and after this holiday. Soon many will be standing in ridiculous lines waiting to purchase a bunch of what they already have. Another smart television to spy on our families that's just like the one purchased in 2019. The Keurig sits covered in dust because you only used it once. But it was only $20. You couldn't pass it up. Not to mention, the children were only entertained by those toys for a moment. Year after year, we accumulate all this stuff we do not use until we find ourselves living in a clutter pile taking upon the stagnant energy. There is a feeling of overwhelm, stress, and anxiety, but we never connect the dots. The last thing we look at is our living space.   We take on more than we need, and we pay the price in several ways. After it