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Benefits of Healing Organizationally

Photo by  Dan Azzopardi  on  Unsplash ORGANIZING YOUR LIFE IS A LIFESAVER. Organization means to put in order. When looking at that definition, think about what is out of order in your life right now.  I will give you a moment to jot it down. So how was that? Did you write more down than your shoes?  Guess what, you can organize everything.  Organization is the new currency, and we all need to secure the bag.  When looking at the Earth in Genesis, it took organization to create something formless and void.  The story in Genesis is the best way to describe the state of confusion of the Earth. How much can you start from a chaotic situation? Plenty but you must possess an organized form of mind. I can’t explain how often I hear people say, “I am not an organized person.” This practice has levels. You’re not a seasoned vet, but you are more aware than you realize. Preparing clothes the night before is a degree of organization. A key holder on your wall is a degree of organizati