I'm Drowning in Emails

Today on my Instagram page, I posted about the overwhelming feeling we get when we open our computers to work due to excessive emails.  I included eight quick tips to help individuals handle clearing some of the clutter for a healthier and more productive day. There was a time in my life I opened my account to find 20k unread messages. I could hardly catch my breath, thinking what in the world was I going to do. Immediately, I became anxious, frustrated, and exhausted simultaneously.   It is possible and proven that clutter clutters the mind.  When we let things as small as emails get out of control, it not only affects us but those in our lives.  Email overload will cause us to miss out on family time because our devices have our attention, and there is an "I have to get this done" attitude. Give me one more second becomes an hour, that hour becomes four, and before we know it, we are asleep.  Disorganization of any sort has a ripple effect. Once it has impacted one area of your life, it is only a matter of time before the other regions are stung.  There are seven days each week; if we devoted 10-15 minutes each day to a different area to tackle the difference will amaze us.  I bet you think that is no time, but trying to devote it to organizing is a different story. Try this for starters:

10 Minute Declutter Daily Schedule

Monday- Office Space/Business/Desk at Work
Wednesday- Kitchen
Thursday- Bathrooms
Friday-Purse (if you are a male, tool shed)
Saturday-Spaces children occupy (if they are older, give them task)
Sunday-Master Bedroom

The schedule above is just an example of how you can get started; devoting a minimum of 10 minutes per day to a selected space will make an intentional organizer out of you.  You will begin to see and feel the difference and desire it more. Organization makes a difference. If you have a family, it is a necessity. Let's break down the post about Email Overload and how a few simple changes can bring about a healthy difference.

1. Determine which day you will devote to email declutter.
Being intentional about every step is critical. So pick the day, write it in your calendar, or set a reminder on your phone. You can name your day Email Madness Monday.

2. Do not open an email unless you are ready to address it at the moment.
Have you ever opened an email and forgot to respond? It could have been imperative, and you missed a deadline. You may be thinking this one doesn't fall under declutter, but it does. Many opened emails can get overwhelming, primarily when they pile up.


Open, read, address, file (ORAF).

3. Unsubscribe from listings you do not use.
Before my daughter opened her email account, I had an influx of Fashion Nova and Unice emails. I did not shop at either, and it quickly became annoying. If you are not a shopper, unsubscribe. The joy in clicking that button feels like ice cream on a sunny day.

4. Create Folders
You can create folders in your email account and label them according to what will keep you on task. I have receipts, PDF files, 30 days follow-up, etc. It makes moving the bulk of emails from your inbox to desired locations quickly. It calls for quick access to what you are looking for, making for a more productive day. Do not forget Trash is a file already embedded in your account; some emails can go there, so do not be afraid.

5. Assign multiple accounts
Some of us have multiple accounts. So please determine what you will use each for and stick to it. Bath and Body Works emails should not come to your business email account. For example:
Account A- School
Account B- Business
Account C- Social Media
Account D- Children and Family


If you desire a minimalist approach, one email account will do if you are not running a business.

6. Utilize features
Did you know you can set tasks, schedule reminders, archive messages, and be alerted about follow-ups from your email accounts? Check it out and utilize these features.

7. Set preferences
Please take a look at the preference tab and adjust it according to how it fits your structure. When on vacation, choose to set automatic replies.

8. STOP signing up for things.
This one goes with #3, and I cannot stress enough. Please stop; this is a contributor to the overload. Why are we signing up for every ad on Facebook? Systems collect data for later use of some sort, so stop. Those who sign up for free trial things hear me out; it is not worth the hassle. Before you get to the free item, you have to jump 99 walls of fire, so why bother.


An organized life is a healthy life. Follow me on my social media platforms for a daily post, tips, and good reads.


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