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Release, Organize & Heal

I speak about emotional setbacks often on my podcast and in other blog articles. One in particular that we do not acknowledge as an emotional setback is a breakup.  Changing our hair, dressing sexier, and going out with the girls is not what you do to process this situation. Those actions say you think it was about your appearance, not the traumas of the other persons.  Well, I have experienced several that ended with the same narrative. It wasn’t until I analyzed the situation more profound, I learned that what I was attracting I saw during childhood, lack of self-worth, and the thought I wired in after every failed relationship, “I am not good enough.” I knew some genetic healing had to take place.  But this blog is not about that. This blog is about decluttering after a failed relationship that will promote healing organizationally.  Failed relationships are setbacks that we can overcome; I am proof. I always began with organization when I experienced this. In my expert opinion

Is it Organized Procrastination or Laziness?

Looking at the title, I am sure you are wondering, what? How is procrastination organized? If we look at each word and define them, we will understand how. Organization is defined as arranged systematically. In contrast, procrastination is an active process. Do you see that? Those two words are system and process, which is why you can organizationally procrastinate. You have built a thought system in your mind that has become an automatic response where there is work to do. You have implemented this into your consciousness via a strategic process. However, if you shift that energy and practice it in a better way, 10 minutes per day, you will see that you are no longer falling into the organized procrastination trap.  Now that I have explained that let’s jump into why procrastination and laziness are not the same. I have heard individuals say this as if they are, but they are far different. As alluded to above, procrastination is an ACTIVE process in which you choose to do something