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How To Chunk For Success

  I am pretty sure you’re wondering what I am referring to when I say chunk. What is the first thing that popped into your mind? If you follow me on any social media platform, you may be aware of where I am going.  I use this term in my home when I sense the overwhelm with various projects. We are people who love to take big bites out of our favorite dish, begin to choke, and wash it down with water. That is not the proper way to eat, nor is this what you want to do to your goals. Everything we do, we can chunk to see it through to the end correctly. Overwhelm is real, and it will cause you to quit if things get out of hand.  Don’t take yourself on an emotional ride because you failed to create an organized plan.  We cannot afford not to chunk. It does not matter if you are cleaning, declutter, writing a book, shopping for a new home, etc., chunk it. Is it making any sense to you now?  Chunking means to divide something into chunks. You wouldn’t eat a whole pizza, would you?  The ide

How To Organize Your Emotions

 Photo by Tengyart on Unsplash   After hearing some elders discredit focusing on self. I was more driven to self-mastery. As I sat and listened to them, I listened to that inner voice, letting me know that it is vital to master self. Once I started to study the subject, I learned to master myself and why it is essential.  To achieve what I will write about, mastering yourself is crucial. The two go hand and hand, so follow me as I discuss something many may not realize is possible. As an organizer, people assume I will come to your home and show you where your shoes go. I mean, I can, but my work runs so much deeper than that. I can help you organize your space; I can help you organize goals; I can help you organize and manage your time, but I also help with soul organization.   Imagine going on a vacation to return home, leaving all the suitcases in the corner filled with clothes. Finally, you decide to unpack, so you open up the bag and begin to unpack one thing at a time, cho