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Organization When You Don't Own A Car

Maybe you have been without or knows someone who does not have transportation. Some choose the public transportation route, while others call upon family or friends to get somewhere. This article is for you if you choose the latter course. I have personally been used to transport individuals; some were respectful of my time while others made it hard for me to help them a second time. If you are someone who needs a ride, consider these organizational tools. It is unfair to assume anyone has an entire day to devote to your errands. Most of the time, time off is time dedicated to other things, so if a person is carving out time for you, it is important to honor them.  If you are the person providing the transportation, make everything clear before committing. Establishing boundaries will prevent the headaches I encountered.   Here’s what you do when you need a ride:   1. Call in advance asking for availability. Please do not assume the person has nothing else to do because they

Productivity Hacks for the Telecommuter

Many of us transitioned to telecommuters due to the COVID 19 pandemic.  For some, the transition was not easy because living spaces were not conducive to being a workplace on such short notice; now, I am sure you have gotten into a system. For a person who is not as organized, that transition could have been a disaster. We have children, spouses, no space, and no plan. I am sure some have gotten into the swing of things while others still may struggle. In one way or another, we were all affected, and the stress levels have increased. Without an organizational plan in place, it only grows worse. Companies did not allow employees to develop a strategy; employees were just thrown into the deep expectation that they swim. There is no plan in place for them. While they were grateful to be home with their families more, there were a set of challenges that came with working and homeschooling. Once everything began to open up a little, some of us opted to remain home with our children ra