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Identifying Unproductive Choices

  We have gifts, talents, and purpose, we have an opportunity, yet we remain unproductive.  Waiting can be fruitless. I know that is not popular as many use that as an excuse to prolong their success. If you are not preparing during the wait, what happens when opportunity manifests?   When we continuously do the same unproductive thing, we wire our brains for unproductivity. Many of us have been in this stagnant state so long that unproductivity has become dominant, and we can’t get anything accomplished. Your choices create your reality. For those who are afraid of success, that fear is impairing your decision-making ability. Your original blueprint is not fear hardwired; remember “power, love, and a sound mind.” You confess that, but you are thinking fear; that is called cognitive dissonance, and no one gets fooled here but you. Now is not the time to keep at being unproductive. However, that has become our portion. We do what we can to get by; the remainder includes catering to t

Emergency Preparedness

  Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash Preparedness is the insurance plan that puts you in a position to dominate. -Stephen Darby Prepare when you don’t need just in case. Survival= Water, Food and Shelter If you are in the city, get out! Note : Evaluate supplies often, places dates on them and change them out every six months. Go over plan annually Maintain inventory of household goods Keep special items in a fire and waterproof safe: CD, DVD, Jump Drive, Birth/Marriage and Death certificates, SSN Quick Move Emergency Planning: v   Sketch a diagram of your home room by room (Make two copies) v   Identify two ways to get out (Emergency exists in case of a fire, burglary, flood, etc.) v   Go over the plan with family, identity a meeting place in case something happens. Tell your neighbor if you have identified them as a safe place. v   Pack a small bag to leave in the car at all times v   Keep a gallon of water per household member in your trunk (3-Day Supply) v   Ke