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Welcome to my blog, Organizationally Healthy 



My name is LaToya Nicole, and I am a Life, Therapeutic Writing, and Organizational Coach and Therapon, Belief Therapist. I am the CEO of SOLO Coaching & Consulting www.solocoaching.net. My intention for this blog is to take organizing to another level. The organization's process is more than closets and cabinets, but there is much more to it. Soul organization goes overlooked because we do not realize it is a thing.  As an expert in my field, I have identified the direct link between physical and mental clutter.  Decluttering your space leads to more mental clarity. When we fail to process emotions, trapped energy accumulates, creating chaos. Where there is chaos decluttering and organization is the healing agent needed.  I will post here and on my IG page Organizationally Healthy  tips and tools on maintaining organization. Subscribe to get updates about my organizational journey and how to strengthen mental health with organization.  I am excited about this blog and what will come of it.  I hope that the tips and tools shared help you in a transformative way. If you need additional coaching, I am only a free clarity call away.


Here are some quick tips for staying Organizationally Healthy:

1. Write things down
2. Set deadlines
3. Do not procrastinate ( if this has been a pattern, seek coaching help to determine root)
4. Give everything a home
5. Declutter regularly

6. Do not put off tomorrow what you can do today

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Benefits of Being Organized



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