Benefits of Healing Organizationally

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ORGANIZING YOUR LIFE IS A LIFESAVER. Organization means to put in order. When looking at that definition, think about what is out of order in your life right now.  I will give you a moment to jot it down. So how was that? Did you write more down than your shoes?  Guess what, you can organize everything.  Organization is the new currency, and we all need to secure the bag.  When looking at the Earth in Genesis, it took organization to create something formless and void.  The story in Genesis is the best way to describe the state of confusion of the Earth. How much can you start from a chaotic situation? Plenty but you must possess an organized form of mind. I can’t explain how often I hear people say, “I am not an organized person.” This practice has levels. You’re not a seasoned vet, but you are more aware than you realize. Preparing clothes the night before is a degree of organization. A key holder on your wall is a degree of organization, so do not discredit what ability you have build from there.

 Where there is chaos, organization is the healing power needed at that hour. I love the scripture about doing things in decency and in order.  It’s quoted but not applied most of the time. We reap multiple benefits when we have things put in order. Life will still happen, but you are more poised to deal with it when managing your time and flexing organizational muscle. Each benefit of time management and organization improves another aspect of your life. So, once you heal organizationally in one area, it flows to the next. There are many ways to heal organizationally, but below I will discuss five.

Saves Money

Yes, you read that right. You can save money by being organized. If you have ever had to buy groceries and you did it blindly only to come home to find that you have everything you just purchased, that means you are not organized. Your pantry may need a system, and you may need to consider doing inventory as you go or before you make that store run. My daughter is not as organized as I am. Her closet is an area I avoid. She has needed attire for specific events. When she was younger, I always ask her to check her closet first to avoid buying the same thing twice. Now that she is older, this is her responsibility. It has not gone over well because I usually find out she has two of the same shirts or bottoms every time. Wasting money is a result of poor organizational skills. She refuses to take time to look because she is immediately overwhelmed by the state of her closet.  Her wardrobe is so disorganized she hates to approach it. As a result, we waste money buying what she already has.

Reduce Stress

If you have ever come home from a long day to dishes in the sink, laundry piled high, homework, and dinner to cook, then you know that can be stressful. The moment you realize how much has to be done and only have two hands can be overwhelming. Other people live in the home, but you are always left to do everything. Not only will this stress you, some experience anxiety and depression. Prolonged disorganization does affect mental health. In this situation, you would want to create a chore list for children. We are assuming you have a family because if you do not and you come home like this, you will need another type of coaching. Here is what you do:

1. Create chore charts with incentives for the children
2. Each night before bed, create a To-Do List. If you need to pick up dinner, write that down (use Walmart pick up for quick delivery).  You can wait in the car and respond to emails while you wait. If you are cooking, jot down: take meat from the freezer.
3. Wake up earlier than usual; this will require getting to bed at a decent hour. If the laundry is dry, fold it then and put away what you can. All others place it on the chore chart.
4. If you are married, give your spouse a To-Do List you know they can manage. Giving them too much will make you frustrated more than them.
5. Create a schedule of what you will do, what time you will do it, and what day you will do it. Systems are essential for maintaining organization for you and a family.

Increase Productivity 

Getting more done in less time is terrific. If you work for someone else or run your own business, this is a significant benefit. You will be able to get so much more done than before when you have a system in place. You will not waste time looking for the tools you need to be effective, and everything will be at your fingertips with an organized state of mind.  Currently, due to the pandemic, many are creating masks. Before advertising, have a bulk supply already made in the print and fashion you will make them in. If one size fits all, this will allow you to take multiple orders, package, and ship without delay. While those are selling, you will have room to create more. Try not to get into too many prints since so many are selling them. Create along the lines of your brand advertise and go from there. Masks have become an accessory, so there is no need to feel like your item won’t see if you make too many upfront.

Declutter Your Mind

Clutter affects your mental health. It can lead to depression and anxiety. Please pay attention to your workspace and how you flow when everything in order versus when it is not. The example I used above under the reduce stress topic can clutter your mind. This type of clutter leaves you tired, overwhelmed, and unable to get anything done. Immediately your energy is zapped. You will start finding ways to distract yourself from what you need to do. I cannot cook in a messy kitchen. It takes an additional amount of time and energy to cook and look for things when you have an assigned home, but they aren’t where they should be. It will put you in a mental fog, stop you from moving forward, and create problems that have solutions by merely having a system in place.

Increase Focus on Personal Development

Organization and time management allows time to set personal goals. You should have goals for yourself and want to achieve them. Most of the time, “I do not have time” is what people say who are not where they want to be. Excuses such as this one stem from a lack of organization or limiting beliefs. As a life coach, I can help with both. We all have the same amount of time per day. Most of us have pretty full plates, yet we seem to set and execute goals. The missing ingredient for whose scale is not as balanced could be an organizational coach. Time management allows you to see where you need to be mindful of how you spend every waking hour to determine where you waste time and where you can plug in action steps to get you to your goal. I create action plans for various reasons. They serve as a GPS. You will not miss my destination or overthink, which leads to procrastination with a guide.

In closing, organization is a healing mechanism we often miss. If you want to save money, reduce stress, increase productivity, clear your head of clutter or focus on your personal development and goals, head to my website by clicking the link below to schedule a discovery session. YOUR ORGANIZATIONAL HEALTH MATTERS!

Being Organized Can Change Your Life

An Organized Life is a Healthy Life

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